I Don’t Get It

Did you, folks, know that the Left in the US is extremely opposed to hate crime legislation? Because it leads to an increase in prison population. 

I’m so not getting these people. 

P.S. Sorry for the overabundance of posts. I miss my husband who is usually the recipient of this stream of commentary. Jeez, that poor guy. Now I feel bad for him. 


15 thoughts on “I Don’t Get It”

  1. What do you mean exactly? Generally people on the left are very invested in the idea of “hate crime” and want hate crimes to garner stiffer penalties than “non hate crimes.” Conservatives generally argue that all crime is hate crime and that such crime should not have stiffer penalties.


  2. Louisiana just passed a law making it a hate crime to assault police officers. Police officers.

    I have very little faith in the system to execute hate crime laws fairly. These laws have every potential to be abused. I can totally see more black on white crimes being charged as hate crimes with harsher sentences, for instance.


    1. So, while I understand the sentiment behind hate crime laws, in practice I believe it’ll lead to more minorities being given harsher sentences. We are talking about the same DAs who won’t charge police officers with murder when they have direct video evidence of them shooting black people point blank. We are trusting them with this? No thanks.


        1. I don’t think that argument is correct. Hate crime laws aren’t making illegal something that was previously legal. They’re just tacking on harsher sentences to it.


      1. I agree that hate crime laws have great potential for abuse. I know a gay man who fought back against a gay basher who attacked him and a group of friends in front of a gay bar. In the scuffle, the gay basher got knocked down, hit his head, and almost died. The district attorney charged the gay man who defended himself with a hate crime because the straight attacker almost died. My friend was eventually able to get out of the whole mess after spending a ton of money and agreeing to court ordered anger management courses. The district attorney apparently told one of the lawyers involved that there was no way she was handling a fight outside of a gay bar without charging someone with a hate crime.


    2. Most (probably all) states already have specific laws making assaulting police officers a more serious crime than getting in a brawl with another civilian. Some states have more severe penalties for hitting an elderly person or a woman, etc.

      Generalized “hate crime” laws are a bad idea — they’ve either overused, or ignored depending on the race/ethnicity of the attacker.


  3. Most people on the Left I know are strongly in favor of hate crime laws. Personally I don’t get the point if them (murder, assault, etc. are already illegal), but I’m not crying any tears for violent bigots getting more jail time.


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