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Time Travel

My phone died. The screen is covered by inky stains from the inside. The AT&T people examined it and determined that it’s not anything that I did. Samsung sometimes has defective screens that get these inky blotches for no reason. But the phone is unusable.

The good news is that it’s still under warranty since I got it only last May. So I will be getting a free replacement. The bad news is that the replacement will not get here until the end of next week. I’m very glad that my agenda and my planner are of the paper variety because I would have been stranded without them.

The temporary loss of the phone will help me quit the My Farm game because I’ve been feeling like letting it go anyways. And I won’t have my news feed readily available throughout the week. Dear readers, please keep me informed if something happens in the world that is worth knowing.

I’m traveling back in the past, to a life without a smartphone. This feels like 1999 already.


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3 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. At least there’s non-dial-up internet!


  2. 1999 was a great year.


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