Go Stuff Yourself, Wiley!

So remember the dang Wiley publishing house that tried to rip me off for quoting one of the writers they represent in my book of literary criticism? I cut out the quotes from my manuscript and wrote to tell them I no longer need their stupid copyright clearance. I also informed them that, in my future scholarship, I will take particular care never to analyze any of the writers they happen to represent.

I’ll be damned if I participate in this ridiculous form of exploiting copyright laws.

By the way, Spanish publishers all granted me permissions with ease and enthusiasm. There was just a single writer who happened to be represented by a US agency, and that was stupid Wiley.


5 thoughts on “Go Stuff Yourself, Wiley!”

    1. And get this: they dragged the process out for months. I wondered why but now I understand. They wanted it to become too late for me to remove the quotes. I’m lucky that I managed to squeeze this change in literally in the last few days before the book went into production. And the Wiley jerks knew that. They asked me at the start when the book was going into production and I said February 10. And they sent me the price a week after that date.

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  1. “There was just a single writer who happened to be represented by a US agency,”

    I hope you’ve also written to the author themselves, especially since you think they’re worth analysing. It’s a shame that a greedy agency would harm one of their authors that way.


    1. I’m writing the letter right now. In case he ever wonders why there’s been little critical enthusiasm in the US about his recent books. And it’s true, I wondered, too, why people suddenly stopped writing about him. I wonder no longer.


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