Day 1 of Spring Break

1. Added 362 words to the article + 3 new sources.

2. Had the taxes done. 

3. Celebrated the start of spring break with a sushi dinner.

4. Took Klara to her music lesson.

5. Reading: History of Africa and Trollope’s Dr. Thorne.

6. Failures: didn’t fold the laundry.

7. Successes: taught Klara to walk holding me by one hand. 


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of Spring Break”

  1. Such an efficient and pleasant day.
    -Talked on the phone to friend #A (I called him, to discuss my father’s YDNA test and ancestry).
    -Got some work done on the exterior paint job.
    -Learned a little more about Paul Beatriz Preciado, on whom my student is doing independent study.
    -Talked on the phone to friend #B (he called me, and gave me useful psychological advice about dealing with the woman I hired for a certain job).
    This seems to be all, but is all up to this point, I am a piker.


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