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Less Disgusting 

“Do you want to watch the new investigative report on how Russia’s prime-minister Medvedev acquired his palaces and yachts?” I asked N.

“No,” he said. “Let’s watch our show on serial killers. They are less disgisting.”


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2 thoughts on “Less Disgusting 

  1. Shakti on said:

    Is it that same video that TRMS was so gleeful about? “Navalny was so brave with his drones!”

    Incidentally, British murder shows on PBS, especially anachronistic ones, are most soothing. :-p


    • She does love him, doesn’t she? ☺ He makes great investigative films but I saw him raise his arm in a Nazi salute and I can’t get over that. I tend to be a bit obsessive about this kind of thing.


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