And since I’m venting anyway, we now have a course called “Spanish for Heritage Speakers.” This means Spanish for children of immigrants. All 3 of them that we have in this region. Why they can’t learn with everybody else is a mystery.

Some sly character somewhere in California invented this type of courses to milk bureaucracy for easy money. And we have to follow this stupid trend even though there is no public funding to milk. 

In states like New Mexico or Arizona it makes sense to use this kind of nothing-burger courses to fake high enrollments. But we don’t have large Hispanic population cynically to exploit in this way. 

Does anyone wonder any more why I hate second language acquisition theorists who invent all this crap?


2 thoughts on “Heritage ”

  1. I was actually in this class during college because my guidance councillor insisted, it was boring and too easy because I already know how to read and write Spanish but I speak it with a heavy New Jersey accent. The other students were all from a Spanish speaking background and some of them spoke better than me, it was a waste of time. I really preferred to take a French or other course, even the Russian language course for something completely different but the counselor insisted and it was freshman year so I did. I never did take those other language courses because I’d already done my language requirement with this class, I shouldn’t have listened to the counselor


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