Be There Soon

The student who was supposed to write a makeup test in my office on Friday at noon and who never showed up sent me an email 20 minutes ago saying, “Professor Clarissa, I’m parking! I’ll be there in 10 minutes!” 

From long experience, I know she’ll rank me low on the question of “Was the professor available to help you in her office?” at the end of the semester. 


4 thoughts on “Be There Soon”

  1. Yup! This will be the reason why I never honor student requests to take a final separately (unless there is a legitimate reason – interviews, conference travel, family emergency). I also rarely meet with students outside of office hours; such students rarely show up.


    1. You are absolutely right. I had to be there on Friday anyway, so it wasn’t a letdown when the student didn’t show up. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time to go there to wait for students who never show up.


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