Let’s Choose Inconvenience 

People act so completely shocked by these stories about Canadian citizens being refused entrance into the US and foreign artists threatened with deportation if they accept money for performances not specified in the visa application that one might think this is something new and hasn’t been happening pretty much forever. 

This is not on Trump, folks. This is simply how it is. It’s either this or marching with the losers who carry “Open Borders” signs at airports. And inconvenience is better than idiocy any day of the week.


One thought on “Let’s Choose Inconvenience ”

  1. FWIW, I’ve never had a problem crossing the border to go to Canada. Then again, this was decades ago. It should be interesting to see if this affects tourist season here.

    These stories are new to people who don’t travel and are now with Extra Doom(tm) because of who GSLiC is.

    The stories that freaking my timeline out are not these kinds of things but hate crimes and unbalanced stalkers. The first travel ban freaked out people because of stories they heard of people who were neither Muslim nor from those countries were hassled.


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