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Stockholm Riots

Russian journalists offered 400 kroner to the inhabitants of Stockholm suburbs to start riots. 

This is something that is very easy to organize wherever there are disaffected people who’ll be happy to make some easy money venting.  


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12 thoughts on “Stockholm Riots

  1. The police spotted a juvenile delinquent who had made uncountable escapes from juvenile detention – when they tried to arrest him, lots of his comrades in crime appeared and they attacked the police and liberated the guy. Then there was the stone throwing, the police “retreated” and didn’t return for an hour, and in the meanwhile the mob set fire to cars and looted some shops.

    This is “business as usual” and has been going on for more than a decade – so Putin must have a big wallet. They throw stones at buses and trams/streetcars, they stand on motorway overpasses and hurl big rocks on cars passing under, some 20 punds or more. Some months ago a woman in Denmark got killed in such an action. Several firemen have been hurt. Some use strong green lasers to blind drivers of cars and buses, even pilots in airliners have complained about attacks in mid air.

    They set fire to cars to lure police to the spot, and then attack them with stones. Neither the fire brigade nor the paramedics dare to enter those areas without police escorts. They cut the hoses from the fire trucks, and they have plundered several ambulances and trashed others and set at least one on fire. People have died waiting for the ambulance, when it has been hard to get an available police escort.

    The police have to use two units to operate in the areas – the two officers from one car to do the work, the other car to guard the first car, or else it will be set on fire, or getting the tires slashed and windows broken. Some times the people giving the sick and the elderly care in their homes haven’t dared to work, and several kindergartens and some schools have been burnt. The parking is free these days in those areas, as the “meter maids” can’t work there. Some periods the postal service refuse to deliver letters and parcels, janitors can’t do their work maintaining the buildings as drug gangs are occupying the cellars and laundry rooms, and carpenters have put ads in the papers saying we are sorry, but we won’t take any jobs there any more.

    Is all this Putin’s work?

    Also, sharia police force women to wear hijab in some of those areas. even non-muslims. Sweden has sent more terrorists to Syria than all of the USA. and we are just 10 millions. Several teams of reporters have been chased away when they tried to make a report – from different countries, like Australia. They have trashed the cameras for Swedish reporters and even beaten up some.

    But – believe it or not – the media and the politicians say that crime is steadily decreasing, and the Sweden has never been as secure as now. I don’t remember from my youth that there were fighting between gangs with military weapons and hand grenades, but maybe my age has made me forgetful? One toddler was killed when the car with her and four adults was blown up by hidden explosives in mid traffic, and a boy of 8 was killed by a hand grenade while sleeping in his bed.

    [If anybody so wishes, feel free to us this text, or parts of it, sharing it anywhere. But please correct my English first! I do not claim any rights. I could send pictures, text copy and links by the Gigabyte if somebody so requires, but I can’t promise to translate too much into English.]


    • “Is all this Putin’s work?”

      He didn’t start the situation, but he’s running with it and the Swedish government (like most western European governments) are too stupid to realize what’s happening and keep playing into his hands.


      • “He didn’t start the situation, but he’s running with it and the Swedish government (like most western European governments) are too stupid to realize what’s happening and keep playing into his hands.”

        • That’s exactly my point.


    • navisstvltorvm on said:

      So Sterncocktail, apparently directly from the Scandinavian national-socialist troll factory, found your blog. I have been living in Sweden for years, and much of hir comment is just plainly untrue.

      Of course there is disaffection in Sweden, but much of it is the result of the social exclusion faced by everyone who is unable to pass as ethnically Swedish in a deeply racist country.


  2. “Is all this Putin’s work?”

    • These are not mutually exclusive things. An unhappy, angry, disaffected group is easy to steer in the direction of rioting. But first, of course, you need for that group to be there.


    • But so many actions during so many years? And there are 52 no-go zones spread over the country and about 10 real hotspots where cars are burning several nights a week. The bosses drive BMW and Audi Quattro, and the assault rifles are priced at about $4000 right now. But there are signs that the oath of silence . omerta – is cracking up as life is getting more and more difficult for the non-criminal majority of the immigrants. But the “recently arrived children without parents” are another thing – grown men posing as little boys but many may well be 35 instead of 15. But they are put in school with classmates aged 15.

      Today there was a big brawl for the second day at a school in a small town. The internet says it was because Afghan boys were targeting Arab girls. It is a problem for the police when small sleepy towns explode in violence unheard of before – the local police force is often insufficient and reinforcements are hours away. Another new thing is that even young boys are falling victims for rape now – staff at swim halls has to be completed with security guards checking hot tubs, saunas and dressing rooms. The authorities are clueless, some still deny everything while others admit there are grave problems.

      Another internet source – 1 guy – claims that every torched car is an insurance fraud The price is $500 per car. So we have several explanations: Social unrest, revenge on police and authorities for hampering drug dealing and other crimes, revenge for arrested members, a method to lure police and fire brigade to the place so they could be stoned, insurance fraud, thrill seeking, boredom, hate for Sweden/Swedes/White persons/Christians and so on

      But as for insurance – most car owners in the areas are rather poor and are only insured by the mandatory traffic insurance – and will get nothing if the car is destroyed.


  3. “journalists offered 400 kroner to the inhabitants of Stockholm suburbs to start riots. ”

    Cheap bastards… 400 kr is not even 45 dollars….

    IME what Scandinavians say one on one in person is almost the exact opposite of what their governments and the media say…


    • Germans and the French, too. Which doesn’t bode well for the elections.


      • “Which doesn’t bode well for the elections”

        Well if Le Pen ends up winning (still a bit of a longshot but getting shorter with each new riot) then the out of touch European establishment shares most of the blame for letting things get so bad.

        If the EU (and France) weren’t run by antiquated fossils who have no connection with the majority of their citizens then she would have no chance. But… back in reality….


        • Yes, who is there to support in France? All the candidates stink. The only difference is in the intensity of the stench, and that’s hard to gauge.


          • “who is there to support in France?”

            A couple of months ago I asked a French colleague who she thought would win the presidential election.

            “Well, someone has to, but…..” she shrugged really unhappy with the available choices.


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