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Dreaming of Alaska

The best state for me to live is, obviously, Alaska. Find out what’s yours here.  


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18 thoughts on “Dreaming of Alaska

  1. I think the quiz is run by the Alaskan chamber of commerce, I got Alaska too (though I’m very sure I would not like to be there).


  2. Thinking with my fingers…. were I to move back to the US (which I have no intention of at present) and mundane considerations like money were not a concern, I’d opt for (in no particular order)

    Florida (the place is crazy as a motherfucker, but I know it and I’m attached to some of the geography).

    Colorado (Front Range). Denver is a drag, but Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Boulder and Fort Collins are all great and I always felt great there.

    Plains… Maybe the area around Ogallala Nebraska…

    New Mexico (northeast) I was surprised at how much I liked it.

    Pacific Northwest. Never there but always kind of fascinated by it (at least before it began leading the world in hipster production)

    Appalachia and the Ozarks are interesting culturally but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to live there…


  3. Spiderbaby on said:

    So you could see Russia from your house? (joking, joking!) 😀
    I got Tennessee, is it any good?


    • Dreidel on said:

      I also got Tennessee, which isn’t a bad state at all. (I was was born there and stayed for 25 years before moving on.)

      This test isn’t well-designed, though. I currently live in Arizona, but couldn’t get that listed because the test’s choices for “landscape” don’t include “desert,” and the choices for “weather” include “humid and hot” but not “dry and hot.”


      • “he choices for “weather” include “humid and hot” but not “dry and hot.””

        I agree the weather question is badly formulated.

        Dry and hot is just fine with me, as is sunny but with a nip in the air (as is warm and drizzly and rainy (as long as I don’t have to go outside).


      • With me, the test worked perfectly. The academics I envy don’t work at Harvard or Princeton. They work in Alaska. It’s very crazy.


  4. JProf on said:

    I got New York.


  5. You’re someone who’s always on the move and no state would do you better than bustling New York. It’s the state of opportunities and even if you don’t go to New York City, there’s still plenty of amazing places in the state.


    • Hah. Would have never pegged you for a New York person. I’d say you should be happy in Florida.


      • “I’d say you should be happy in Florida”

        That’s a terrible thing to say! El is not nearly crazy or unstable enough to fit in there. I know how to deal with it (as much as anyone can) but it would crack most people like a ripe melon…


        • OK, I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I like Florida, although I only know it as a vacation place.

          I just meant that there are many Jews there and it’s warm, that’s all.


          • “I just meant that there are many Jews there and it’s warm”

            Okay, if she stayed in a Jewish bubble that might not be too terrible. But small towns away from the tourist trail? Not for the squeamish or delicate….


        • Dreidel on said:

          What’s wrong with Florida?

          Nothing, except…
          Too much humidity.
          Too much rain.
          Too many flying insects.
          Too many tourists.
          Too many reidents even without the tourists.
          Too many hurricanes.

          Oherwise, a great place to live and retire.


          • Hey, somebody who lives in Arizona should not criticize other people’s climate, eh? 😆


            • Dreidel on said:

              “Hey, somebody who lives in Arizona should not criticize other people’s climate, eh?”

              Hah! A silly remark by a lady who’s obviuosly never had the privilege of living in Heaven’s only outpost on Planet Earth.

              Where else can you find a climate with more sunny days than any other state in the union? All that sun is great for your vitamin D levels, which boost a strong immune system, reduce symptoms of depression, build stronger bones and teeth, and lower stress levels and even lead to better quality of sleep (better dreams, too).

              Where elese can you find such dry air that reduces risks of asthma attacks, slows the progression of arthritis, and when coupled with the reduced stress from a relaxing desert lifestyle, even lowers the risk of heart attacks?

              Where it never rains except on rare occasions in the late summer and early fall, and then conviently only between midnight and eight a.m.? Where flying insects like mosquitoes are as rare as unicorn foals, and the paper wasps who come to your swimming pool seeking water are as tame as puppies, and you can pet them on the head as they float by, unlike the vicious yellow jackets and hornets back east. Where the rattlesnakes hiding in the fall leaves on your mountain hikes, and the scorpions hiding in the beige carbet in your living room, stand out like beacons if you’re partially color-blind, so your eyes can easily see right through their camouflage and you can shoo them away. Where even the killer bees leave you alone if you mind your own business?

              Where we never have hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, blizzards, ice storms, earthquakes, Zika infections, or significant episodesof Lyme disease?

              Where the lovely, dry hot climate makes people so amiable and tolerant that even though my nieghbors can legally open-carry their handguns eveywhere, they NEVER shoot anybody, because the pervasive, pleasant warmth gets under their skin and makes them love EVERYBODY — even misguided liberal tourists from back east.

              Think I’m exaggerating? Come to a conference in Arizona for a week — and then N and Klara will be suing you for abandonment, because you’ll never want to go back to that frigid, backward frontier of Illinois. 🙂 🙂


              • This is a beautiful ode but sunshine depresses me because it hurts my eyes.

                I don’t think there are any upcoming conferences in Arizona but if there are, I’ll check it out.


  6. Amanda Marcotte is criticized by many bloggers I read, but this post of hers discusses an interesting study and the proposed technique may be applied to areas other than climate change:

    Conservatives are willing to combat climate change — when it’s not called “climate change”

    Btw, I thought “how stupid” when reading:

    “They associate the phrase with hated coastal liberalism and often refuse to even accept that climate change is real, lest they be tainted by dreaded liberal values.”

    However, aren’t quite a few Liberals behaving in a similar inflexible fashion?


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