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Day 7 of Spring Break 

1. Finally finished and submitted the abstract.

2. Graded quizzes.

3. Took Klara to play at the bookstore. She loved it!

4. Had a pedicure done at the salon, choosing what I call “an embarrassed carrot color.”

5. Reading: Between Parent and Child and the book on African history. 

6. Success: surprised N with his most favorite dish in the whole world, the Olivier salad. 


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4 thoughts on “Day 7 of Spring Break 

  1. Evelina Anville on said:

    You have mentioned the “Olivier salad” a few times over the years but I don’t think you have ever described it. What is it exactly?


  2. “What is it exactly?”

    In many countries it’s called “Russian salad” in Poland (which sometimes changes the name of dishes from Russian speaking lands to disguise the origin) it’s called vegetable salad or spring salad (or just salad)


  3. “the Olivier salad. ”

    Does the Russian version have celery root? The Polish version almost always does which makes it hard to make in the US (at least I’ve never seen it there).


    • No, we put in boiled potatoes, green peas, scallions, hardboiled eggs, bologna, apple, cucumbers, pickles and mix it up with mayonnaise and sour cream. It’s the worst possible thing one can eat health wise. 😆😆😆


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