Small Government, Republican Style

So hey, remember how I keep saying that Governor Rauner of Illinois doesn’t allow the health insurance premiums we keep paying to go towards paying our health care bills?

That’s ’cause he has a better use for this money:

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration had arranged to pay a new deputy governor out of an employee health care account that is more than $4 billion behind on its bills due to the state’s budget crisis, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. . .

Half of Leslie Munger’s $138,000 salary was scheduled to come from a pool of insurance premiums.

The rabid piece of useless garbage hired yet another overpaid bureaucrat and. .  . stole our healthcare premiums to pay for the joy of having this useless moocher around. 

If you go to the link, you’ll see that Rauner does this kind of shit all the time. And if you follow my blog, you might remember that this is the very first thing he did when he got elected: he placed a bunch of friends and relatives in invented governmental jobs with crazy high salaries paid with by public funds. Then, the public finds started running short and he couldn’t keep hiring all of his cronies and their useless mistresses and children. So he froze the budget. 

People, I give you the party of small government. 


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