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Days 8 & 9 of Spring Break 

1. Wrote and submitted another abstract. 

2. Made fregola and spring greens soup for Klara. 

3. Finished Cronica del desamor and started Wasted Lives by Zygmunt Bauman.

4. Went to the gym.

5. Made another atrocious Soviet dish.

This has been a great spring break. I feel very rested and ready to start another spring break immediately. There won’t be one, of course, but I’m ready. 


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2 thoughts on “Days 8 & 9 of Spring Break 

  1. You seem to be able to do a lot — kudos!
    Is Klara at home with you the whole time? In which case, how do you manage to do so much reading, writing, and cooking with her around? I am not trying to be obnoxious, I am genuinely curious. When my boys were little, I could only do things when they were napping. Otherwise, unless plopped in front of electronics, they would seek interaction pretty much non-stop. Is Klara a baby who plays contentedly close to you while you do your thing?


    • No, she was at the daycare on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Otherwise, I’d not be able to do anything, and I have to work. Today, for instance, she felt like being in my arms constantly. Nothing else would do. It took me 4 hours to do the damn Russian salad because I can’t cut vegetables while she’s hanging from my neck.

      So no, she’s a normal baby. She wants to be climbing me at all times. She isn’t even letting me use the bathroom on my own at this stage in her life.


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