No snow all winter until today

You know what would be great? If babies were born with the capacity to blow their noses. 

Does anyone know at what age this crucial skill develops?


15 thoughts on “Noses”

  1. That’s very pretty. As long as you can get in and out and don’t have to smack icicles off the roof and it’s warm inside, it’s enjoyable.

    I think you’d be waiting a few years for that nose blowing skill. :p


  2. LOL nose blowing

    It takes a few years to learn how to blow one’s nose. IIRC, age 3-4 for something resembling competence at nose blowing. It’s not a trivial skill; I think my 5-year-old can do it now, but definitely couldn’t do a particularly good job 2 years ago, for instance.

    In the meantime, saline nasal drops or spray works great! It’s just salt and water and it helps clear out the passages. One brand has a small enough spout for little noses; it’s called Little Noses!


  3. “Does anyone know at what age this crucial skill develops?”

    Pediatricians say there’s a wide range. A few kids can blow their noses at 16 months, whereas most are at least 2 years old before they have at least the physical capability.

    By the way, it’s NINETY DEGREES and SUNNY here in Arizona! Eat your heart out. 🙂


      1. “You do realize that “ninety degrees and sunny ” is what I will be tortured with in hell for my sins, right?”

        So you and I will meet in the afterlife, because we’ll be in the same location!

        (Although we’ll have different names for the place — I’ll call it “Heaven.”)


      1. 120 degrees is GREAT backyard pool weather! (Just be sure that your backyard is on the east side of your house, so the patio and pool are in the shade from the mid-afternoon on.)

        When you get out of the pool, you don’t even need a towel to dry off instantly!


        1. Yeah, try 120 degrees without an air conditioner. Do they still build houses with cross ventilation in the desert? I don’t need the pool to be the temperature of a hot coffee.


          1. “Do they still build houses with cross ventilation in the desert?”

            I think those houses disappeared with the Pony Express.

            When the air temperature is 120 degrees here, the pool temperature is a perfect 85 degrees.


            1. That seems stupid on the part of the developers. You don’t want to bake if for some reason the power or AC is out and can’t be fixed immediately.


              1. In the 19 years I’ve lived here, the power has gone out either ONCE or TWICE, and the outage only lasted a few minutes.

                During the 5 years that I was stationed in the highly civilized Chicago area, the power supplied by ConEdison went out almost everytime there was a thunderstorm (which was frequently), and sometimes stayed off for more than an hour.


    1. \ By the way, it’s NINETY DEGREES and SUNNY here in Arizona! Eat your heart out.

      Like during Israeli summer.

      Wow. You live in a hotter place than me. Wouldn’t have thought.


      1. The Phoenix metropolitan area is the third hottest large metro area in the world. The only hotter big city areas are Baghdad and Riyadh.

        I’ve never been to Baghdad, but I did go jogging in Riyadh when it was 127 degrees.


  4. RE clearing baby’s nose: Okay, this video is really pretty gross, but: this is a great way to get a baby’s nose cleared out. You just have to make sure you lean her over a sink so that the water doesn’t go down her throat. It’s like using a netti pot or one of those saline bottle things. (This syringe-like thing would be filled with saline solution that you can buy at the pharmacy for nasal congestion.)

    My seven-year-old still struggles to blow his nose without help, but it’s getting better. I’m not sure when my 11-year-old really figured it out, but he’s definitely on his own with that now. Thank god!


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