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The Result Is the Truth

Said another way: if 1000 people went to a lot of trouble to do something, and they all tried but 990 of them failed to do it, would we decide they had made the choice not to do it?

Yes, absolutely. Words and declared intentions are nothing. The only way to know the truth is to look at the result. The result is the truth. 

Example. Remember how actively Republicans- politicians, journalists, ideologues – were insisting they were “never Trump” and they’d never let Trump be elected? 

Trump is in the White House. This means that no matter what they declared to others and even to themselves, they chose him as their president. He is their decision and their responsibility. 

The truth is in the result, and the best way to know what people want is to look at what they got. 


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2 thoughts on “The Result Is the Truth

  1. “Yes, absolutely. Words and declared intentions are nothing”

    I appreciate the idea but taken to it’s extreme then Hillary Clinton didn’t really want to become president….


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