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New Project: Citizenship 

So. Remember how I bugged you, folks, with the nation-state while writing the book? 

Well, after a short respite, prepare to be bugged again. 

I have a new project: citizenship. 

Hey, at least it’s something everybody can understand and discuss. Let’s all be happy I’m not into beta binomials. Because those suckers are crazy boring, believe me. 


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4 thoughts on “New Project: Citizenship 

  1. “I have a new project: citizenship”

    This doesn’t sound that much different than the former project. That one started with the Spanish Civil War IIRC so I’m assuming this is just a starting point.


  2. I don’t know what beta binomials are, but the name makes them sound fascinating. Where did you get the idea that they are boring??


    • My husband makes me read his articles and correct the stylistic aspects of his writing. Not that he needs it. It’s mind-numbing for a literary critic. ☺


    • The beta-binomial distribution is a mixture of the binomial distribution, where the probability of success follows a Beta distribution. I used this distribution as an example in my master’s thesis.


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