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Tiresome Exaggeration 

The “alternative minimum tax” (AMT), which was introduced to ensure the mega wealthy pay a fairer share of tax, comprised $31m of Trump’s tax bill.

I don’t get the point of such ridiculous exaggeration. AMT starts and $200,000, which is the income of about half the town where I live. Educated professionals  (who are not professors, of course) don’t make less than $100,000 here in the boondocks and less than $150,000 on the coasts, and if there are two of them, that’s the AMT threshold right there. By referring to them as “mega wealthy”, which is patently ridiculous, you have made a step towards losing them in the next election. 

This could be worded in a slightly different way to avoid angering people. These tiresome rhetorical flourishes (neo-Nazis! Mega wealthy! White supremacy! Trump wants to murder me!) repel potential voters because nobody wants to be allied with screeching freaks.


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2 thoughts on “Tiresome Exaggeration 

  1. The Alternative Minimum Tax was indeed introduced to make sure very wealthy people paid their fair share. However, it has never been indexed to inflation. This has led, over the decades, to its reaching further and further into the not so rich class. I have sometimes had to pay it myself, though not in most years.


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