The Unexpected

The Trump health care and budget plans will be harsh on the poor, which we expected. But they’ll also be harsh on the working class, which we didn’t.

These “we” are dumbasses of rare caliber if they find anything that is happening unexpected.

I was willing to compromise my financial interests and pay higher taxes so that these folks would have a better life. But they said they didn’t want it. I don’t care who anybody voted for, this is collective responsibility and collective choice. So now the royal we should eat the results of their choice with a big spoon and say thanks. 


3 thoughts on “The Unexpected”

  1. David Brooks really is a moron.

    Also note the distinct groups here, which apparently never intersect.

    ‘Poor’ = black (also, lazy)
    ‘Working class’ = white

    It’s always been like this for David Brooks and his fellow travelers. A black man working in a barbershop in brooklyn will never be working class for him. It’s either the salt of the earth ‘working class’ in the midwest, or poor ‘urban’ people.


    1. And there are many working class African Americans here in the Midwest but there is this whole system of pretense that they don’t exist. Trump sincerely believes that all black people live in ghettos dealing drugs.


    2. This is one of the highest paid political commentator writing for the NY Times, and it’s news to him that the Trump administration would be bad for poor black and poor white people.


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