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Not Fun

Sorry, folks, I’m not much fun today. Klara’s got at least 4 teeth coming out simultaneously plus conjunctivitis in both eyes. I had to cancel work  (not teaching but some service meetings) today. 

Please share whatever you’ve got because I don’t mind some distraction. 


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16 thoughts on “Not Fun

  1. Did you take her to a pediatrician to get her ears checked? Extra fussy plus pink eye might mean a bacterial ear+eye infection (it’s often one of the Haemophilus influenzae bacteria when the eye is involved).

    Either way — poor Klara!


    • Yes, we went this morning because she was tugging at her ear and I suspected ear infection. But no, the doctor says the ears are clear. She now has a rash, which is another part of the viral infection.

      I have always hated teeth.


  2. Fie upon this quiet life on said:

    Here’s a joke from my kid’s joke book: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese.

    If you say it aloud, it works better as a joke, perhaps.


  3. Nelson on said:

    Here’s something that’s been bugging me. Last week I found dog poop in my outside garbage can. Not bagged dog poop, just poop.

    People in the neighborhood walk their dogs and pick up the poop (as is the law) into little bags. And then they toss the bags into random garbage cans!

    One day I saw a woman across the street stop in front of a her neighbor’s trash can, drop her bag into it, and then walk into her own house right next door, right past her own trash can. So I’m not the only victim.

    Last autumn, all the houses had leaf bags on the curb. The town comes by to pick up bags of lawn refuse. I took a walk one morning and in a space of about three blocks I saw four leaf bags (and one plastic bin) with bagged dog poop tossed in.

    We don’t own a dog. I really don’t want to deal with dog waste. The bagged stuff is bad enough. But whoever dropped unbagged poop into my garbage is seriously psychotic.

    What is wrong with dog owners that they can’t toss their beloved animals’ waste into their own trash cans?


    • God, these are very crazy people. I’m sorry you have such inconsiderate neighbors.

      Today, I was walking with a stroller holding a cranky, teething toddler, trying to make her feel better. And there was a woman who was walking two very barky dogs. There is an endless number of paths and she could have taken any one. But she followed us like she was glued to my ass. I tried turning in every possible direction but she kept following. At one point, I turned 180 degrees and walked straight back, and she still followed. It was incredibly annoying. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t trust myself to keep my cool but I think it as clear we didn’t need to be barked at for almost 40 minutes.


  4. Sister on said:

    For Klara’s eyes – are you wiping them with cotton balls soaked in black tea? Helps big time! Sending her lots of hugs.


  5. Sister on said:

    Very frustrating for sure! I am happy it’s not bothering Klara though.


    • She’s suffering because of the teeth. She’s such a sweet, happy baby and it’s painful to see her suffer like this. She’s trying so hard to feel good but she can’t.


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