Racist Diversity

At my university, we have very few international students, and those who do want to come are often turned away for the most bizarre of reasons. For instance, many foreign universities don’t calculate GPAs, and their transcripts cannot be directly relayed into an American version. So students with stellar records (and their tuition money) get turned away because their diplomas don’t look exactly like US diplomas. I personally know somebody who had this problem, and she ended up not being admitted. Of course, our huge Diversity Office has zero interest in this situation. 

At the school where I did my BA, I had a similar problem. The university didn’t recognize the official language of my country, which is only the second largest country in Europe. Even in the presence of notarized translations of my documents, the university officials were refusing to accept my papers because their language seemed weird to them. 

Instead of promoting diversity through helping students resolve these silly bureaucratic issues, diversity offices and organizations do all kinds of insane things. For instance, at one university they create and put up vicious racist posters. Because the best way to promote diversity is to be openly racist. 


4 thoughts on “Racist Diversity”

  1. The goal of the diversity office in our university is not diversity, but promotion; any action they take has the sole goal of promoting — not actual diversity — but the fact that the university administration cares about diversity.

    I think your diversity office may be similar 🙂


    1. Absolutely. They are in the business of creating appearances.

      But hey, they haven’t put up any racist posters, so let’s be thankful for that, at least.


  2. Diversity 0ffice = Bureaucratic university office that deals with non-white students who went to school in the US.
    International Student office = Bureaucratic university office that deals with students who went to school outside of the US.

    I don’t think that Diversity Leadership Council is a university office. It’s some student group.

    But nothing says, “We welcome non-white students” or “we welcome international students” like this fucking faux-ironic awareness raising poster. Who were they supposed to “teach about racism” with that stupid poster? The kids who say “gee golly gosh whiz, I’ve literally never seen anyone that doesn’t look like me outside my town. Everything is so weird and strange?” How the hell does that “fight racism?”


    1. The International student office is just as useless. But I hoped the Diversity people could help them out since they weren’t doing anything else.

      This didn’t happen and the student I’m talking about was snapped up by a much better university in the area. And I feel like a total idiot because I was the person who talked up my school to her in the first place.


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