Ear Infection

Turns out I have an ear infection. My first thought when I found out was “Thank God it’s me and not Klara.” 

The problem is that I have to teach today and I can’t hear anything. Of course, I could just lecture for 6 hours, but I hate this kind of teaching if we are talking about literature. 

I don’t think I’ve been as sick as often in my whole adult life as I’ve been in this one year. This is what giving birth at 39 does to you, folks. 

On the positive side, my doctor was very happy about my weight loss. Doctors tend to be very stuck on weight. She was like, “Yeah, you have a pretty bad ear infection. But I can see in the chart that you are losing weight! That’s fantastic! Congratulations!”

And I was like, “So about the ear infection. . .”

“I’ll give you an antibiotic. But how about that weight loss! That’s really good! You look amazing! Are you planning on losing more weight?”


6 thoughts on “Ear Infection”

  1. Doctors’ obsession with weight loss can be such an impediment to health sometimes. My best friend’s mom had to go to three doctors before one of them thought that her spate of trips and falls might be more than her being overweight (nevermind the fact that she had been the same weight since long before she started falling)… Turns out she had MS.

    On a different note, here’s an interesting article in the Atlantic I’d love to see you write a blog post on some time: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/03/left-wing-feminists-conservative-catholics-unite/520968/ Since you so much experience with different types of feminism and on consumerism, I’d be very interested in your commentary!


    1. Oh yeah, I’m so used to coming to a doctor with a gash in my finger and heating “You should lose weight!” in response. And yes, I should but could we concentrate on the bleeding finger first?


  2. Considering the insane number of drugs that have “weight gain” as a side effect (like hormonal birth control and SSRIs), maybe blanket issuing weight loss orders doesn’t work as well as one might expect?

    Also, “I lost weight because when I’m sick all I want to eat is BART (bananas, apples, rice, toast) and drink tea,” seems to escape people.


    1. When I’m sick, I want to eat even more. It’s a curse.

      I’m losing weight because of my blood pressure medication which is a water pill. That’s the great secret. Who could have known.


  3. Ear infections are no fun. A few years back I presented my case to my General Practitioner, who told me my stuffed ears and left ear pain was caused by excess ear wax. She turned me over to a young (barely out of her teens) Medical Assistant who used a weird water gun to blast the wax out of both ears.

    A few weeks later my left ear was still hurting. I visited a specialist who told me the doctor shouldn’t have put water in my infected ear. He used a metal pick to flick the excess infected material out of my ear and gave me some drops.

    I think I lost about 30% of my hearing.


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