Outside of the Money Exchange 

An anonymous reader brought a link to an interesting article about the struggle of European feminists against surrogacy

The issue is, of course, whether people should be able to purchase absolutely anything they want provided they have the cash. Is there anything that can stand above the sacred right to buy? 

In my book, I talk about the practice of European governments to cut welfare payments and direct the poor to sell their body parts to supplement the insufficient and disappearing welfare payments. With the advent of a post-work society, people who can no longer sell productive labor will be pushed towards selling reproductive labor and their very bodies that can no longer be used in paid employment. 

Sadly, American liberalism has so fully aligned itself with the consumerist agenda that Americans don’t even understand what it is that the European feminists are unhappy about. The idea that there can be anything of a greater importance than a consumer’s right to keep buying is incomprehensible to them.

I see the future of liberalism in stepping back from an unconditional celebration of neoliberalism and concentrating on freedoms that lie outside of the money exchange. 


2 thoughts on “Outside of the Money Exchange ”

    1. Absolutely. And this is especially pronounced with foreign adoptions. By God, people have placed adopted kids on exchange websites when they discovered that the goods were not to their liking.

      In the meanwhile, there is a million kids in the US who need fostering.


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