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Budget Cuts

Budget cuts, budget cuts. Does anybody know what the pinnacle, the high point of spending was from which we are all cutting down?

The oldest person I managed to talk about it says that 27 years ago there were already budget cuts. 


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4 thoughts on “Budget Cuts

  1. University budgets were going up until the mid 1970’s. Americans were still scared of the Soviets post Sputnik !. That memory faded, and budget cuts gradually began taking hold.


  2. There has no doubt been some noise in the system, but I think the trend, corrected for inflation, has been downward since then.


  3. fraudguy on said:

    Started in the 80’s under the Reagan tax cuts. When top rates went down on corporations and individuals, many types of funding that came from federal taxes revenues that were remitted to states and localities were cut or turned into block grants that slowly shrank.


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