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Immigration Preparation 

My immigration preparation booklet informed me that the US is a capitalist country where vendors and customers negotiate prices of goods. I’m off to the supermarket to put my new knowledge in practice and try to negotiate the price of tomatoes. 


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5 thoughts on “Immigration Preparation 

  1. That is sometimes possible, if the tomatoes have serious blemishes. I have done it.


  2. “the US is a capitalist country ”

    Sweet pretty lies, the purest capitalism I think I ever saw was in communist and immediately post-communist Poland (and Mexico, extraordinarily capitalistic at street level).


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever in my life been able to, even once, negotiate the price on ANYTHING I’ve ever bought at any store.
    I simply find the item I’m after, then pay whatever price the store’s asking when I get to the cashier to check out.


  4. In this case, Negotiate is not used in its primary meaning.


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