I hate it when people blame their failures on anybody but themselves. I just watched an interview with Hillary, and it’s all misogyny, Coney, and the Russians. Not a word about her own grievous mistakes during the campaign. Nothing about her failure to integrate Bernie’s message. Nothing about the incomprehensible decision to place the wife of the country’s most notorious pedophile at the heart of her campaign. Nothing about the inanity and helplessness of the messaging. 

I was forced Hillary without reservations during the campaign but I would like to see a more adult approach post-election. If she wanted to do something for the party, to show that she could have been a real leader, she’d engage in the analysis of her own mistakes to show Democrats that this is what’s needed. 


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  1. If she wanted to do something for the party, to show that she could have been a real leader, she’d engage in the analysis of her own mistakes to show Democrats that this is what’s needed.
    Rehashing is only useful if 1)she’s running again and 2)anybody would listen to her and act on that advice. Honestly, I don’t think either is the case so why would she engage that in public? It’s like listening to Mark Penn on how to win Presidential elections.

    Bernie has happily voted for several members of Trump’s cabinet so no, I’m not looking to Bernie to lead some kind of progressive revolution either.

    Look, I know someone who wrote in Bobby Jindal rather than vote for Clinton because “she adopted Bernie’s taxation plank and that’s going to be a disaster for my finances.” This person voted for Bernie, but absolutely still goes into fits over Hillary’s emails.


    1. I don’t know why she’s speaking in public at all but since she thinks it’s a good use of her time, at least she could try to say something refreshing.


      1. It would be surprising if she said anything of what you think are her mistakes, but refreshing? Not really, since I’ve seen umpteen hot takes saying the same thing. I think I’m at maximum irritation with analyses, it’s like blind people feeling up an elephant.

        How goeth Eject Rauner?
        See, ejecting Rauner could make a huge difference since you have a Democratic majority state congress. Ejecting Scott, not so much (Republicans have a super majority.) IME, Scott won because he was less repulsive than his opponents. His last opponent was a former Bank of America executive. Prior to that it was my hapless current rep who saw his popularity tank when he hugged Obama.


  2. The Russia did it!

    Anonymous sources within the FBI have revealed to The Times that they have new evidence indicating that everyone who voted for Donald Trump is an agent of the FSB (formerly the KGB). An unknown portion of these voters may have had their minds controlled by a Russian space-beam, agents close to the investigation say.

    . . . .

    “We have not determined for sure that everyone who voted for Trump was paid directly by the Kremlin, given that it is highly possible that the Russians used a space-beam from a satellite to control their brains from a facility in St. Petersburg, and moved their bodies like puppets to the polls to check the Trump box,” one current agent familiar with the investigation told the times, describing the process of using a satellite-mounted space-beam to control people’s actions as “Russian neuro-brain hacking.”

    . . . .

    The Times also sought comment from President Trump; however, when asked about these allegations, he began screaming in Russian and jumped in a big truck and drove off down the road.

    Of course, it may just be satire.


  3. Hillary probably doesn’t wanna publicly diss her campaign staff, and she would be doing that if she takes about the flaws of her campaign. I understand that, but I hope she’s at least talking about these things behind the scenes with Democratic leadership.

    And of course I’ll forever disagree with you on incorporating Bernie’s message of course. Now he says his message was all about helping the working class (and he did indeed talk about that), but the main messages I remember from the primary are free college for all, corporations are greedy (true, but duh), and mainstream Democrats aren’t liberal enough. Moderate Dems are already leaving the party, if we run “Berniecrats” everywhere and tear down anyone who isn’t “pure” we can kiss swing states and rural America goodbye. We need Democrats like Ted Strickland (circa 2006; his career’s dead now) if we ever want to win in Appalachia, but the Bernie people I know wouldn’t let a guy like that through a primary.

    And to Bernie it seems like whether someone is “progressive” enough has more to do with whether they like him than anything else. I remember he made a point to endorse the Ohio congresswoman who endorsed him but not the other three Dems, including Tim Ryan. He holds a grudge against Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a progressive champion who’s done much more for the working class then Bernie, because he endorsed Hillary. Meanwhile, he’s fine doing rallies with Tulsi Gabbard, who is just an awful woman.

    And at this point I’ve probably gone off topic. Sorry, lot of pent up frustration there because I tried to make myself like him for far too long.


      1. Lately whenever I get caught in a political hivemind I panic and want to get out. Even when it’s people who I agree with, can’t one of us have a sightly different take on it? It’s not even just about people having similar opinions, it’s like people just parrot the accepted opinion to each other and pat themselves on the back. So I’ll always be happy to come here and talk about how I think Bernie is a narcissist who cares more about being in the spotlight than helping the common man.


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