Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

Inside Higher Ed published a painfully pathetic letter to Trump. Scroll down to the closing lines if you are not in the mood for lengthy exercises in servility.

But hey, Chronicle of Higher Ed is even worse. See this ridiculous article about Jane Austen and the alt-right.

hate it when stories about horrible parents are masked as stories about immigration laws. Yes, immigration laws need a lot of work. But no law can give one good parents instead of this sort of freak.

Does food consumption have higher entry barriers than music consumption? I don’t think so but I don’t consume music. 

LiveJournal goes anti-gay

If you haven’t seen the first official portrait of our First Lady, you’ve totally got to. I promise, you’ll laugh for an hour. Poor dumb broad. 

The “good tsar” narrative about Trump

I never thought I would be interested in reading a long article on Marvel Comics but this one was good and I read the whole thing


8 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia ”

  1. I agree that the Inside Higher Ed letter was painful to read. What is the author hoping to accomplish? Save it for your diary. (I also agree with your assessment of Melania’s photo. Good God that photo is a tacky embarrassment.)

    But I rather liked that Chronicle of Higher Ed article about the alt-right’s cooptation of Jane Austen. I thought it was interesting–certainly not worse than the painful letter on Inside Higher Ed. What did you find so problematic about the Chronicle article?


    1. It’s all completely invented. Neo-Nazis don’t read Jane Austen or know who she is. I hate it when horrible things like the growing neo-Nazi movement are normalized and cutesified like this. Look, they are just like you, they like cute puppies and enjoy Jane Austen. And it’s not even true.


  2. Interesting (hi)story regarding Reagan which reminded me of today’s faith of some Americans in Trump:

    Недостающий кусочек головоломки

    Есть хорошо известная история о том, как в самом начале своего президентства Рейган сломал хребет американским профсоюзам.

    Uri’s latest column. I like it best when he talks about historical events he witnessed rather than today’s politics:

    \ IN A few weeks, Israel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

    I suppose that most readers were not yet alive at the time, and certainly not yet able to understand what was happening.
    So let me try to recount the drama as I saw it unfolding.


  3. Horrible:

    Jerusalem stabbing attack identified as 23 year-old British national

    Hanna Bladon, 23, is the British student who was killed in the attack on the Jerusalem light rail at noon. She came to one semester of study at the Hebrew University as part of a student exchange program with the University of Birmingham, and was supposed to return to England in the summer.,7340,L-4949293,00.html


  4. Kind of funny since this train has left the station long ago:

    Palestinians demand Britain apologize for Balfour Declaration

    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which stated that a Jewish state be founded in the Holy Land, more than 11,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the British government to formally apologize for it.,7340,L-4948966,00.html


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