Chinese Rabbits

On the subject of China, we had a farm here in the area that raised rabbits and sold rabbit meats to local supermarkets . A rabbit cost $22-24, which is a lot because there isn’t that much meat on a rabbit. 

Today, I saw rabbits that looked the same but cost $13-14. The mystery of the lower pricing was solved immediately: the cheap rabbits are brought here from China. And the local farm is screwed, I guess. 


5 thoughts on “Chinese Rabbits”

  1. I do not see a problem here. The time of small farms has been over a long time ago.

    Are you also against factory raised chicken and pork since factory mass production prevents small scale farmers from selling (as much) pasture raised beef and eggs?

    In a global world, China and other countries compete with American producers too. And America exports goods and services as well, hurting local producers of other countries in many cases.

    Do not see anything against China here at all.


    1. I’m just saying it’s funny that rabbits are shipped from China when one can’t walk two feet without stepping on a rabbit. It’s like when I read that the pickle brand Diadia Vania is made in India. Yay for Indians but it’s still funny.


  2. I see a positive thing here – probably much more people will be able to afford to buy rabbit meats now, while only a few people on that local farm may be hurt. Or they may switch to producing something else at competitive market prices.

    Without factory raised animals, many families would struggle more than now to buy milk, eggs and meats due to higher prices.

    I want to ask: what do you suggest American president should do against China and why? I am ignorant on that matter.


    1. I have absolutely nothing against China and I hope Trump leaves it alone.

      The barrier to more rabbit eating around here is not the price. It’s people’s reluctance to try something new. If it’s not chicken, good luck getting them try it.


  3. The agricultural growth industry in the U. S. nowadays is small organic farms. I know several people who have bought land and gone into this business. And completely grass-fed (or pasture raised) meat is far tastier and probably healthier than factory farmed meat. I avoid factory farmed food whenever possible.


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