Mockery 2

And the goal of all this is precisely so that people will say, “All politicians lie, politics is useless, everybody is corrupt, there is no point in participating.” 


2 thoughts on “Mockery 2”

  1. Possibly. But anyone who wasn’t deluding themselves knew or should’ve reasonably known he’d do something much like that.

    Haven’t you said numerous times the human psyche craves stability? If you think that everybody is a bunch of corrupt liars, why not elect someone who keeps saying that and proves themselves to be a corrupt liar? Electing someone who isn’t that threatens your world view, which is one of many reasons Bernie went over like a lead balloon and didn’t even register with all these Republican voters on fire about corruption.

    I mean, if you go by my electoral experience, voting in national elections an act of faith. First time I vote in an election and what happens is that Shrub debacle.


    1. Hey, I also will never get the logic of thinking that a billionaire can possibly want to help the working classes but people were earnestly advancing this idea, so what can I say.


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