It’s as if Trump did it all on purpose, to mock his supporters. 

“You believed I was really going to be an isolationist? Ha ha ha! Here’s a strike on Syria! Here’s the mother of all bombs! Hey, and what about bombing North Korea? That might be fun!”

“You really thought I was going to go against China? Fools! Here it goes: China is not a currency manipulator. And I’m much more likely to fuck you than our dear Chinese friends.”

“You really believed I was on the side of the working people? Now, let me take away your healthcare so that it really sinks in.”


6 thoughts on “Mockery”

  1. When facts on the ground change, the president should respond to them. That’s his job and that’s what President Trump did. President Obama drew a “red line” over Syria’s chemical weapons and then relied on Assad and Putin to get rid of them. That didn’t work and Assad used them.

    Russia, of course, said that it got them all and that somebody other than Assad used chemical weapons. President Trump didn’t believe him and acted accordingly.

    In doing so, he sent a message to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who cracked down on Kim Jong Un in anticipation of a banned nuclear test. Responding to President Trump’s message, China refused delivery of several shiploads of North Korean coal and bought coal from America instead. China is now threatening China with an oil embargo, which would pretty much immobilize the North Korean military. Will President Trump order a missile hit on the North Korean nuke test site? That all depends on what satellite images indicate that Kim is about to do.

    Here’s a link to an article by Ruthie Blum about President Trump’s “flip-flops.”

    And here’s a thought experiment: Assume that you favored unlimited illegal immigration and the confiscation of all guns from civilian American citizens. Then, an illegal immigrant broke into your house, shot your husband and raped your daughter while you stood by helplessly. Would your views change? Would that be a silly “flip-flop” worthy of mockery?


    1. “And here’s a thought experiment”

      This fantasy that you just shat out fails to qualify as a thought or an experiment. Whatever floats your boat, though. No kink-shaming here!


  2. No mockery of GSL voters are happening.
    I don’t think his supporters truly give a shit about health care, China or isolationism. Otherwise we’d see Trump voters angrily calling their reps and yelling at them in town halls about all of this. That hasn’t happened.


    1. Oh, I know one fellow who is very into isolationism. Can’t wait to ask him about this. I’m seriously considering wrecking something in the house to have an excuse to give him a call. (He’s a repairman).


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