Locked Out 

I have no house key (gave it to my parents), no car (gave it to my husband), and no office key (left it at home). 

I managed to get myself home from work courtesy of Uber but I can’t get inside the house. It’s hot and I’m very thirsty. I’m sitting on the verandah, looking at a big fat bottle of mineral water in my dinner table that I can’t reach because I’m locked out.

My parents have never lived in a small American town, so they lock up so tight you’d think this is Fort Knox.


4 thoughts on “Locked Out ”

  1. Latest news – wonder whether France’s presidential election will be affected:

    \ A gunman killed two police officers before being killed himself in an attack on the Champs-Elysées in the heart of the French capital on Thursday evening, according to a police source.

    Deceased gunman was known to security services.

    gunman was active on Telegram, said he wanted to kill police officers.

    Most French police officers say they are voting for Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s election because of her strong anti-terror stance, survey finds

    51 per cent of police officers in France say they are backing Marine Le Pen

    That is more than double the number voting for her rival, Emmanuel Macron

    Far-right Le Pen has pledged to beef up law and order in her manifesto



    1. I’ve been trying to strike up a conversation with a neighbor who has a little boy Klara’s age. But she freaks out every time I say hi. The neighbor on the other side of our house freaks out even more. It’s the Midwest. People are terrified of human contact. Especially if the human in question has an accent.


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