Rep. Cummings is saying on the news that Obama “took the Democratic party to very high heights.” 

If these heights include losing every office that could be lost, then yeah, they are sky-high.

The obliviousness of these people is stunning.


3 thoughts on “Self-congratulators”

  1. Although I wouldn’t say he’s the one who lost it those elections; I am not a great Obama fan but I really think this situation is backlash against the idea of a Black president (issue #1 and super-big), the Democratic Party’s abandonment of its base (issue #2, and Obama is guilty of this but no more than the entire party or entire DNC), and finally the Republicans and all the economic, identity-based, rhetorical, and religious reasons their propaganda has become attractive to so many (issue #3).


    1. I love Obama. But the party is in the toilet. That’s a fact of objective reality that can’t be denied. I don’t think Obama personally is to blame for this. What is to blame is this mentality of “we are destined to win, so let’s make no effort” that the Democrats are demonstrating with scary consistency.

      Obama was a star, he was one in a million. But there’ll never be enough stars to fill the Congress and the state legislatures. We need a party with a serious, working platform.

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      1. Right, but the Democrats decided not to be that party when they let the DLC take over (or before that) and show no signs of letting up. They have got to be taken over.


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