Support the Wall

Democrats should not oppose Trump’s wall.

First of all, there is no reason to oppose it other than “fiscal responsibility”, and it will be bizarre for them to take on this particular banner. 

Second, it’s clear that very many voters want it. There needs to be a pretty powerful reason to oppose such a passionate wish, and “fiscal responsibility” isn’t it. Especially for a party that has been ridiculing the concept for years. 

Third, Trump needs a signature achievement. You don’t give him a useless but inoffensive wall, he’ll be looking for an achievement elsewhere. 

There is literally no downside to the wall other than some money being wasted. But this country wastes a lot of money on crap already, so what’s the big deal?

Smart Democrats in Congress would unanimously support funding the wall because this is a ridiculous, senseless battle to wage. 


9 thoughts on “Support the Wall”

  1. Mostly agreed. The wall won’t do anything useful — won’t restrict those who want to cross the border in any meaningful way, and isn’t actually that expensive.

    It’s the wall or more bombing, being perfectly pragmatic.

    The problem is the wall violates the Democrats’ image of themselves, and that means they’ll oppose it even if the follow-on effects are more harmful than allowing that useless but symbolic achievement.


  2. The main downside I see is that people will be able to say “see? Trump kept his promises!” Republicans constantly blocking Obama helped make him look ineffective. On the whole though, I’m not opposed to building the wall. It’s stupid and wasteful, but ultimately harmless. It was one of his least objectionable proposals.


  3. Third, Trump needs a signature achievement. You don’t give him a useless but inoffensive wall, he’ll be looking for an achievement elsewhere.

    There is literally no downside to the wall…

    How does supporting the wall help Democrats win a majority in either house? Why do you assume that if he gets a wall he won’t also increase his bombing? He got Gorsuch. (Yes, McConnell got him Gorsuch. People don’t pay attention.) That didn’t stop him from unloading some heavy bombing and ordnance in two different countries?

    The wall is 99% symbolic but you are also assuming people who vote Democratic are less swayed by symbolic achievements than Republican voters. This is not the case in the slightest. Otherwise why would people go flutter over almost winning two seats?

    There is no upside politically. If it’s a good wall, the Republicans and Trump have credit, if it’s a bad wall then the fact Democrats supported it gives Republicans cover.

    Not actively opposing it is one thing but actively supporting it is a mistake.


    1. 1 million percent in agreement. I think it is a huge mistake to think that there’s some sort of gentleman’s agreement he will follow if you give him this. That’s not how bullies and assholes behave. You agree to this, he’ll just push for more.

      Democrats will get shit upon by their base for being spineless, and republicans will get to laugh at them yet again for getting conned as they always do.

      Remember the political damage to the Republicans when they declared on day 1 they’ll oppose each and every one of Obama’s policies? Me neither.


      1. What the Democrats are doing is clearly not working. So they need to do something else. Making a big fuss over yet another non-issue will achieve nothing but bore even more people.


        1. Even republicans from districts that border mexico are skeptical about the wall. The democrats should help Trump out with this matter, why exactly?

          Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas), who represents the largest region along the Mexican border of any member of Congress, actively opposes the wall, a cornerstone of Trump’s campaign.

          And Reps. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) and Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) have both expressed skepticism about how effective the wall would be at stopping the flow of people coming to the U.S. illegally.

          Their lack of enthusiasm means there isn’t a single border-area lawmaker who vocally supports the construction of a wall in their district.


  4. Unrelated to anything here, but have you heard about Steve Bullock? Democratic governor of Montana, won his state while Hillary lost in a landslide there. I like him based on what I’ve seen.

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