Kadyrov Vows to Slaughter All Gays 

Putin’s bestie, the President of Chechnya, has vowed to eliminate the gay population before the beginning of Ramadan on May 26.

I don’t understand why this is possible and why there is such a little outcry. For now, Putin’s own squiggly, squirmy press secretary is denying that anything is going on. Nothing but a huge international stink will make him notice and put a leash on his Chechen lap dog. 


2 thoughts on “Kadyrov Vows to Slaughter All Gays ”

  1. What I don’t understand is why the world’s dumb societies and their rulers are always so obsessed with religion, sex, and personal lifestyles instead of focusing on the things that actually matter: improving quality-of-life for ALL citizens, maintaining infrastructures, rewriting laws to be more equitable and serve EVERYBODY, enacting sensible regulations which benefit all ……


    1. They are more interested in improving living standards for themselves.

      A serious question: why would politicians want to improve anybody’s living standards when they can do so well without it? Putin collapsed the economy but he’s adored in his country.


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