What Do You Know About Macron?

Is anybody following French politics? What’s this Macron fellow about? What are his main ideas?


13 thoughts on “What Do You Know About Macron?”

  1. Per this article he used to be a member of the Socialist Party, is pro EU, wants to lower the corporate tax rate, and want to increase defense spending.


      1. From what I’m hearing he’s the least pro-Putin candidate who was running. He also stopped Russia Times reporters from entering his victory party.


  2. This comment seems to sum up everything I’ve read about him pretty well:

    “France is going find out it has been conned into believing Macron is an outsider. Macron is simply the answer the present government came up with to stop Fillon and Le Pen, and they have succeeded with the first round.

    I expect Macron to win in two weeks, but nothing will change in France except that Le Pen will be the only opposition to the government afterwards, and she will in the next election in a landslide. I don’t know if she is change either, but Macron is definitely a fraud on practically every level.”

    http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2017/04/sunday-assorted-links-111.html#comments (number 59)


    1. He is absolutely an antidote to Fillon and Le Pen, but is he a “more of the same” antidote or somebody who will do something to take the country out of the obvious dead end?


      1. I’m thinking he’s probably a ‘more of the same’ antidote. All of his ideas seem to be a mix of neoliberal and EU conventional wisdom.

        It’s not all bad, it would be great if he could shake up the stale employment status quo (for example) but I don’t think he has the skill or inclination.


        1. There are many things he could do, especially on the economy, but I wonder if he’ll want to. There is such a terror of activity , of doing anything on the political left everywhere that it’s sad to see.


  3. Putin May End Up The Winner In French Presidential Vote
    Though Moscow has constantly denied accusations of interfering in the campaign, a wave of fake news reports and computer hacking attacks on independent Emmanuel Macron, the only major candidate to distance himself from Russia, have brought about a sense of déjà vu with last year’s U.S. elections….The campaign website and e-mail servers of Emmanuel Macron have been the targets of cyberattacks….
    For its part, Moscow has consistently denied any interference. It characterized accusations that it was behind a flurry of cyberattacks in February on the campaign website and e-mail servers of the 39-year-old Macron as “absurd.”

    from QZ
    And Wikileaks’ Julian Assange threatened in comments to Russian newspaper Izvestia to dump compromising material about Macron, who has already had to fend off a viral campaign raising doubts about his heterosexuality.


    1. “Macron, who has already had to fend off a viral campaign raising doubts about his heterosexuality.”

      • Typically Russian.

      This election is crucial for the Russians. This is Putin’s pet project. If France falls, the EU is doomed.


      1. It looks like it’s less close than America’s, but I’m not counting on a win until it happens. There’s also the question of how the next election will go.


        1. “There’s also the question of how the next election will go.”

          As a resident of Europe that’s what bothers me: the longer more or less moderateish nationalists are kept out of office through media collusion and every other party going against them the stronger and more virulent they will be when they do take office (a given by now).


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