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Don Quixote

We don’t even teach Don Quixote in our program. The horrible old professor who retired to make space for me (a former Francoist priest and a subsequent sexual harasser) taught excerpts from the novel, which is pathetic.

Maybe I should teach it. The problem is that one can only do one part of the novel in a semester, and the second part is better than the first. But still, it’s better than nothing. (I only get to teach a real literature course once every 4 semesters because of the insane proliferation of hated language courses, so there’s no option of teaching both parts in two subsequent semesters.)


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5 thoughts on “Don Quixote

  1. DWeird on said:

    I know this is madness bordering on treason, but is there any creative way you could elect to teach only the latter half?


  2. TomW on said:

    Have you considered teaching it in English translation with a supplemental part in Spanish? This is how my department teaches Goethe’s Faust. We have a general education course in English that reads Goethe’s Faust and several other versions of the Faust story. Students who can handle the German can sign up for an extra credit; they read key passages in German, have some extra class sessions to discuss in German, and write their papers in German.

    It would obviously be better if our students could do a proper course entirely in German, but we would never get enough enrollments for the course to make.


    • We are not allowed to teach anything in translation. The Department of English brutalizes us if we try. I’m so over that dumb department that I got on the committee to evaluate them next year.


      • TomW on said:

        Ugggg, that sucks.. Our English Department is also territorial about a bunch of stuff. We have two general education areas that directly related to literature. One of those is completely dominated by the English Department, other departments are allowed to to submit courses, but they always get rejected. The other area is broader and we have gotten a few courses in that one.


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