The Real House of Cards 

I predict that the fifth season of House of Cards will flop. The characters look like timid goody-two-shoes types fresh out of a career of saving homeless kitties compared with what’s really sitting in the White House. 

Seriously, the Underwoods look quaintly classy and cutely intellectual in comparison. Who could have thought the show would turn into an idealized depiction of an impossibly good White House. 


3 thoughts on “The Real House of Cards ”

  1. Not an outrageous prediction. I got bored of the show a while ago because they made the Underwoods the only competent sociopaths in town. :/


  2. I started to check out of House of Cards during the third season and haven’t bothered with the fourth.

    There are some great things (esp Robin Wright) but too much out and out nonsense to keep it interesting enough to keep watching.

    I would lurve a show centered on Wright playing a character similar to Claire and slowly cracking under the contradictions in her life as she painfully negotiates her inner need for absolute control with the realization that the only way to achieve her high stakes goals is through relenquishing some of that control.
    I would watch the hell out of that show but more fake Russians and fake Chinese and fake Muslim work crises and fake hackers…. pass.


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