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Klara understands a lot more than I thought. I wondered aloud “Where is the stencil?” and she brought me the stencil. Then I asked where the robot was. She found it and gave it to me. I asked where the flowers were, and she brought me toy flowers and made sniffing noises at them. She also understands “Papa is sleeping, let’s be very quiet” and “It’s time to come out of the bathtub.”

It’s almost creepy.


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4 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. el on said:

    Do you use stencil a lot?

    My mother said a year + old child is supposed to understand all that, so don’t be creeped out. šŸ™‚

    She said children at this age remember short poems too, only can’t speak well yet.

    And that a child understands ā€œPapa is sleeping, letā€™s be very quietā€ at six months.

    If I have a child one day, I will experiment and find out whether it’s true.


    • She loves to watch me draw with stencils. And now she’s trying to draw with them, too. I’m stunned she can concentrate on a task for as long as she does. Many of my students can’t do it and I’m not exaggeratimg.


      • ” Iā€™m stunned she can concentrate on a task for as long as she does”

        I have very limited experience but from all the evidence very small children are capable of almost scary single-mindedness and determination (when the interest originates from within – for things that others proprose…. not so much and their attention easily flickers out).


  2. Socal dendrite on said:

    Yes, one-year olds understand a lot – much more than they can say!


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