Diversity Hounds

A professor at Duke spoke out against diversity trainings, and now he is being hounded by unhinged freaks. And the rest of the academic community is too mousy to stand up to the freaks. Everybody hates these trainings and finds them ridiculous and humiliating but you know academics. They are too chicken to speak up. All they can do is squeak vaingloriously about resistance and revolution while doing absolutely nothing to oppose actual, existing abuses.


14 thoughts on “Diversity Hounds”

      1. I read the comments at the link and was floored by somebody seriously asking:

        \ Seriously, when did diversity and inclusion become part of western Christianity? These concepts are not anywhere to be found in the Bible except insofar as anyone, anywhere can be saved by Jesus Christ. That’s the limit of Biblical diversity and inclusion. The massive secularization of American Christianity overwhelms me at times.

        AND the funniest answer:

        \ Easy, when it ceased to be Christian, and devolved to sentimental religiosity, with the face of Rousseau pasted over that of Jesus Christ.


  1. Well, today I began to compose, but did not send an e-mail to our diversity trainer asking she not use that Heineken commercial as a model for interaction. I feel that:

    it asks the person in possible danger to just sit down with someone who has said they want to kill people like them (so to speak) and
    gives them the responsibility of talking that person out of it.

    It is not something I’d show — I’d show something about the case for reparations, for instance.

    I got the impression, in our diversity training, that it was directed to students of color, asking them to be more understanding of white professors ignorant of others’ histories. I am perhaps being unfair, but nothing was said with any teeth in it, this much is certain.


        1. God, it’s horrible. It’s exactly what McGuigan writes about in Neoliberal Culture.

          That shit is being shown at a university???? I’m floored.


          1. Yes, to teach us to be more diverse. Serious accusations of racism against some colleagues and so we all go into a room and are shown this.


            1. It’s egregious. Since when it’s their job to shill for a corporation?

              I hate this kind of shit passionately. It’s offensive in every level.


          2. \ God, it’s horrible. It’s exactly what McGuigan writes about in Neoliberal Culture.

            Could you write what’s so horrible in this commercial? Is it too optimistic in showing people (only conservatives) changing? Too shallow?

            How is it connected to Neoliberal Culture?

            Z said “it asks the person in possible danger to just sit down with someone who has said they want to kill people like them (so to speak) ” , but I do not see where anybody talked about killing. May be, I have missed it.


            1. “How is it connected to Neoliberal Culture?”

              • Companies are using the language of social activism and progressivism to sell their goods. Why use fluffy kittens if instead you can link your product to warm and fuzzy feelings in people’s minds? In the meanwhile, these same companies get a pass on discriminating and exploiting employees because they have convinced everybody they are on the side of good. Bleh, disgusting.

              The Pepsi ad was at least somewhat smarter about the whole thing. The Heineken ad is simply disgusting in the way it builds up to the introduction of BEER as a culmination of the whole process. Nasty.


  2. And I 🙂 this comment explaining why we shouldn’t put up with this behavior:

    // The term “SJW” ( Social Justice Warriors) is misplaced, as evidence by the way Valerie Cooper revels in it. Who wouldn’t want to be know as a warrior for social justice?

    The proper term for this infatuation is “infantile disorder,” if you don’t mind borrowing a term from Lenin. This is exactly the sort of distraction from real work and real issues affecting people’s real lives, that Lenin skewered. Bolsheviks didn’t put up with it, nobody else should either.


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