If anybody thinks that dropping the Rauner-hijacked health insurance is easy should think again. The website is broken, and the HR people pretend to be too busy to help. 

I literally don’t know a profession that is as riddled with useless, self-important folks as HR. 

And I hate Rainer, too. 


4 thoughts on “HR”

    1. So true. One of our HR people once sent out an email mistakenly threatening to fire a bunch of people including the dean. And who ended up apologizing? The dean, of course.


  1. Fun story. I came within 10 minutes of being without health insurance for a year at my previous university. As the time for re-enrolling approached, HR sent out an email specifically stating that if you didn’t want to make any changes to your current plan, you didn’t need to do anything and you would be re-enrolled automatically.

    One day I get a call from the benefits office at 4:30pm. They noticed that I haven’t re-enrolled in the health plan. Today is the last day to do it and the office closes at 5pm. So I sprint across campus and get there in the nick of time to sign up.

    Fun times.


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