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Hurt Feelings

Russians have made it a crime to say in public that God doesn’t exist. Because it hurts the feelings of religious people (who make up 2% of the population). 

It is not a crime to say in public that God does exist, no matter how much it might wound atheists.

I can’t fully explain how very funny this is because in order to get the hilarity one needs to know how utterly unreligious the country is and has been for a century.

Leaving the Russians aside, the criminalization of hurt feelings is cropping up everywhere around the world, and it’s very scary.


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2 thoughts on “Hurt Feelings

  1. Wasn’t Communism, for the longest time, noted in part for it’s atheism?
    Is Russia returning to some of its ancient religious roots?


    • Exactly, nobody is a believer any longer. Only 2% of the population in Russia even practice religion. But this is a way to create fear among people and criminalize speech.


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