On a Loop

During Trump’s entire campaign there was a constant feeling that he was about to flop completely, that the current scandal was his last one, that he finally screwed up so bad that this had to be it for him. . . And then he was elected. 

And now he’s been President for months but all one hears is that he is about to flop completely, that the current scandal is his last one, that he finally screwed up so bad that this has got to be it for him.

As we all know, the definition of totally wackadoodle is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. People, when will it be time to stop and try something new? This is very clearly not working. Plus, it’s boring like all hell. I just saw a whole series of posts expressing deep outrage over. . . some tweet Trump sent. And these people say Trump’s Twitter should be taken away. What about theirs? He, at least, has Twittered himself into the White House. What have they achieved?

There is no other name for this pathetic “resistance” than smug impotence. 


7 thoughts on “On a Loop”

  1. Well yes, of course. Enough is enough. But sometimes President Trump does truly outrageous stuff and the media are forced to respect their public duty to cover it, no matter how distasteful they must find it.

    CNN’s crucial two scoops scoop is a recent example. Shouldn’t we all be in crisis mode when the President invites media folks to dinner and gives them only one scoop of ice cream while he, gluttonous dictator in chief that he is, gets two? Not only that, he got different salad dressing because that’s the way he is! My hands are trembling so badly that I can barely type.

    It’s the end of civilization as we know it.


    1. The ice cream story is silly and clearly not something that bears much of a reaction. Still, it underscores what’s so depressing about Trump and his presidency: he is impossibly, grotesquely vulgar. Seriously: when does a host take more dessert than the guests? Maybe a child’s birthday–and even then most parents would take the time to explain to the child how to make guests feel welcome. You would think that a rich guy would at least be able to throw a good party and he can’t even do that with anything resembling graciousness or style.

      And this latest tweet? He’s openly threatening a (former) government official like some two bit mafioso. He’s breaking the law in plain sight. But not in a cunning, Machiavellian way–in the most buffoonish way possible. And people all over the world know this. I’ve never been so embarrassed for my country.

      Trump won the presidency, of course: still, 65 million people voted against him. Say what you want but 65 million is still a lot of people. And for those of use who voted against him, his antics are soul killing. I don’t think discussing his tweets is accomplishing much politically. But speaking personally, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only American that finds his behavior repulsive on every level.


      1. \ 65 million is still a lot of people. And for those of use who voted against him, his antics are soul killing.

        Didn’t quite a few people, who voted for Clinton, doubt whom to vote for till the last day?

        If somebody voted against Trump, it doesn’t mean the person finds his behaviour soul killing. Logically, there could be many different explanations.


        1. Yes. Not all 65 million people who voted for Clinton detest Trump. Still, my overall point still stands. Trump won the presidency: that is indisputable. But there are millions of people in this county who loathe him.

          Clarissa s absolutely correct that the left needs a better strategy for defeating Republicans–especially in the 2018 midterms. I’m just trying to say that some of the discussion surrounding Trump is purely about emotional release. It’s not enough of course. But I do think it has it’s place. Again, it’s good to know that many people in this country don’t think it’s OK for the President of the United States to be tweeting threats that would be better found in a Hollywood B movie.


    2. I didn’t know the ice cream story but it doesn’t matter, I’ve seen so many others. They are all about cheap outrage. I literally don’t watch or read news anymore because of this.


  2. ” this pathetic “resistance” ”

    Trump thrives on “Resistance”. I’m reminded of the (maybe apocryphal) words of a Solidarity leader around 1980-81… Dont’ burn down the party headquarters, ignore them (ie make them irrelevant).

    It worked.


  3. I enjoy smugly mocking politicians as much as anyone, but I just don’t know how people can still be doing it. We just got beat badly! What is there to be smug about?


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