SJW Infection

Spain’s leading newspaper is shitting on Ukraine’s Eurovision because all 3 presenters were white and that’s not diverse enough. Of course, the presenters reflect what the population is like but who cares? 

God, I hate it that even Spain is now infected with this ridiculous, whiny way of thinking that can’t see people as anything but tokens. 

Yes, Spaniards are sore that Portugal won because nothing is more offensive than a neighbor’s triumph. But they use the language of race to express their annoyance, and that’s pathetic. 

This is the Europe that Ukraine is so eager to be recognized as part of. 


4 thoughts on “SJW Infection”

  1. “because all 3 presenters were white and that’s not diverse enough”

    I certainly had my problems with them (especially the one breezing through small talk “interviews” with a prepared script that gave them no time to answer, but…. that is a very weird and misguided critique for Eastern Europe.

    As I wrote in my final write up, Spain seems to be at its worse when it tries to be international…. I wonder why that is…..

    Or…. maybe it’s because Spain was once in Ukraine’s shoes (iffy outsider at the European table) and they don’t like the idea of setting a new place?


    1. Yes, that’s as diverse as we go in Ukraine. It is what it is. My mother couldn’t go outside without crying after we emigrated to Canada because it was hard to adapt to so many different people around.


  2. I’m curious what would count as diversity for the Spanish writers who are complaining about the Ukrainian hosts. In the US the dumber among us would say that Spaniards aren’t white because they are Hispanic; the more perceptive might say that Spaniards and other Mediterranean people are of a more mixed and complicated background than people in some other parts of Europe. But what would count as diversity in the eyes of Spaniards? Moroccans? Catalonians and Basques? Portuguese? Latin Americans?


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