Wednesday Link Encyclopedia 

Another speaker dumped by a university as a result of an enraged hysteric going apeshit on Twitter. Very sad. 

Cool or sexist? You decide. My opinion is that it’s simply loserish and pathetic. 

Is this person truly this deranged or is he faking it? If so, then for what purpose?

Don’t think orphaned children can be funny subject? Watch this ad from McDonald’s and recognize that yes they can.

Why Korean companies are making their employees use English nicknames

No, “open marriages” (an oxymoron, if there ever was one) are not “normalized.” Whenever I ask students about the subject, they make barfing noises, so the young generation seems quite uninterested. 

Trump finally comes through for Evangelicals. I wish such momentous events were reported instead of ridiculous nonsense stories about Trump. This will be huge in the next election.

cute defense of the Silicon Valley. But what’s really funny is that somebody should think it needs defending. 

How safe is your kitchen?


19 thoughts on “Wednesday Link Encyclopedia ”

  1. You’ll be shocked to learn that the person leading the charge to cancel Watson’s talk is also a signatory on the anti-Tuvel open letter.


      1. \ I am shocked, you are right. Is that all she does in life? Hound people?

        It’s an easier and faster way to make yourself famous in certain circles than doing high-quality research.


      2. \ Another speaker dumped by a university as a result of an enraged hysteric going apeshit on Twitter. Very sad.

        I read it and now am 99% sure (subconscious?)professional jealousy played a huge role here.

        James Watson, a world-famous Nobel Prize winner due to being a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, vs. Kate Clancy (who?) .

        Without those tactics her name would have never been mentioned near his, let alone in a way that would present her as the superior one. She looks like one of those people who try to insult others to make their wounded self-esteem feel better for a second. Only it’s so transparent in this case that I don’t understand how she is not ashamed. Surely, many academics see it the way I do too.

        I became slightly angry since he was prevented from talking about cancer, the disease that killed quite a few of my ancestors.


  2. \ Trump finally comes through for Evangelicals. I wish such momentous events were reported instead of ridiculous nonsense stories about Trump. This will be huge in the next election

    Why will it be huge? Hasn’t this decision been a godsend to religious people, who usually don’t vote for Democrats?

    Why do you think first-time Trump voters would turn against him because of this, especially if they won’t care to choose somebody else despite the Russian ties?


    1. The religious people will either stay at home or vote for Trump. In the last election, the difference was in the tens of thousands.

      I don’t see the Russia story having any impact on the next election. But this can prove very influential. Trump is delivering on his promises. All of the noise we are hearing obscures this fact.

      I’m afraid somebody will be very shocked during the next elections.


  3. Thought about James Watson’s case, when I read this opinion column:

    Freedom of speech and the march of radicalization

    Op-ed: Voicing irritating opinions is legitimate, but when the stars of the Israeli discourse are the followers of such terrorists as Samir Kuntar and Baruch Goldstein, this slippery slope must be stopped. Sometimes, silencing is the proper thing to do.,7340,L-4963438,00.html


  4. Trump is “scheduled to land in Israel on Monday.” Meanwhile. the security situation is getting warmer:

    Palestinians protest throughout territories in ‘day of rage’

    Thousands protest in solidarity with Palestinian detainees who are hunger striking for better detention conditions; dozens of Palestinians and two IDF soldiers reportedly injured; hundreds of Gazans march on border fence.,7340,L-4964489,00.html

    In other news, (regarding the first piece of news, I don’t understand why Europeans seem to think one can’t be a refugee and a terrorist at the same time)

    1) BERLIN—A German court convicted a Syrian refugee Friday of membership in ISIS in his homeland and later providing information for a possible attack against “soft targets” in Berlin.

    Berlin’s criminal court sentenced Shaas al-Mohammad, 20, to five years in prison on 150 counts of membership in a foreign terrorist organization and 149 counts of violating weapons laws.

    Judges noted the seriousness of the crimes, but applied youth sentencing guidelines because most of them happened before the defendant turned 18.

    2) STOCKHOLM — Sweden’s top prosecutor says she is dropping an investigation into a rape claim against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after almost seven years.

    3) IDF invited to International Army Games competition in Russia

    The IDF will send a delegation to compete in the fields of military medicine and logistics; annual competition allows countries to compete in fields of armor, paratroopers, military police and more.,7340,L-4964404,00.html


    1. This Caperton person is a total freak, please don’t pay attention. What happens is that the prosecutor is in a no-win situation. The only alternative is to stop the trial, dismiss the charges, and let the rapist go right there. And of course, the Capertons of the world will moan about that, too.

      If you accuse somebody of a crime that will land him in jail for up to 15 years, you gotta be ready to appear in court. A person can’t be jailed without getting to face the accuser in this country. What’s the alternative here, seriously?


  5. Have you known that “Black Lives Matter has included Palestinian solidarity in its platform”? Is it really wise to compare Israel-Palestinian conflict with the plight of (some) African-Americans? I said “some” since I heard that there is an African-American middle class and then people like Obama, who are in an extremely good position in American society despite racism.

    The News (look at the title vs the reasons for her getting shot):


    Earlier this week, Fatima Hjeiji, a sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl from the West Bank, was shot dead by Israeli police forces by Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem. Israeli authorities claim that they shot Hjeiji because she was wielding a knife as she approached them and yelled “Allah Akbar.”

    Local media sources, however, assert that Hjeiji was over ten meters away from the Israeli border guards at the time of the shooting.

    Black Lives Matter has included Palestinian solidarity in its platform, and incidents like the death of Fatima Hjeiji demonstrate why this alliance is critical in fighting the increasing militarization of the police, in both Israel and the United States. It is crucial for intersectional feminists to include the occupation of Palestine and police brutality in their platforms to truly fight for justice for all women. Those of us who stand in solidarity with #BLM must stand in solidarity with #FatimaHjeiji, and vice versa

    I have lost lots of respect for BLM after reading this. As for the defense “she was over 10 meters away,” 10 meters is a small distance if an attacker runs fast at you:

    \Sergeant Dennis Tueller, of the Salt Lake City, Utah Police Department wondered how quickly an attacker with a knife could cover 21 feet (6.4 m), so he timed volunteers as they raced to stab the target. He determined that it could be done in 1.5 seconds.


    1. BLM is not a political party. There can’t be a platform or leadership or registered members. During the election, for instance, there were two fat cows who decided it was a good idea to physically push around Bernie Sanders. They claimed to be BLM but they were just two self-promoting freak. Like the mattress girl who had fuck all to do with the feminism she claimed to represent.

      Having said that, what happened to this Fatima is a tragedy. Surely, we can all agree here that something has gone very wrong long before the child took up a knife. This is a child. Her responsibility is nil.


  6. Catholics challenge St. Louis’ ‘abortion sanctuary’ law

    A group of St. Louis Catholics filed a lawsuit against the city Monday over a local ordinance that prohibits discrimination based on “reproductive health decisions,” saying the law could force employers or landlords to go against their religious beliefs.

    The law, enacted in February, bars employers from hiring or firing people based on whether they have had an abortion, get pregnant outside of marriage, or use contraceptives or artificial insemination. Landlords also can’t refuse to rent to someone based on those criteria.

    Opponents say they law makes St. Louis a sanctuary city for abortion. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Roman Catholic grade schools operating under the Archdiocese of St. Louis; Our Lady’s Inn, a home for pregnant homeless women; and a private company whose owner is Catholic. It seeks to stop the city from enforcing the ordinance.


  7. Today was a special day in Israel:

    Analysis: As Israel marks 50 years of united Jerusalem, the city is plagued by poverty and unemployment, Palestinians lament discrimination, and young Jews move away; in an attempt for revival, Israel invests millions to boost city’s hi-tech.,7340,L-4966952,00.html

    Also, I was glad to read about one normal country at least:

    On Jerusalem Day, the Czech Republic Parliament approved the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; Members of parliament call on the government to adopt the same position and stop payments to UNESCO.,7340,L-4967031,00.html

    Last, parts of Israeli-right are still in love with Trump:

    \ Israel’s right-wing celebrates Trump’s speech
    After US President Donald Trump spoke on Tuesday expressing his wish for peace in the region and rebuking the PA’s policy of giving stipends to families of terrorists, the Israeli right-wing celebrated his ‘unprecedented’ speech, calling it a new era in the US-Israel relations.


  8. Gunmen kill 23 Christians on road to monastery in Egypt

    Masked terrorists wearing uniforms carry out a shooting attack using automatic weapons on a group of Coptic Christians traveling to a monastery south of Cairo; at least 23 dead and 25 wounded.

    Coptic Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s population of 92 million, have been the subject of a series of deadly attacks in recent months.

    About 70 have been killed in bomb attacks on churches in the cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Tanta since December.

    Those attacks were claimed by Islamic State. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Friday’s attack.,7340,L-4967776,00.html


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