I opened a book that looked promising at the store, realized it was a Bildingsroman, and literally dropped it like it was hot. 

Never again will I read a book with a teenaged protagonist. 


10 thoughts on “Bildungshatred”

  1. Hmm, if you ever change your mind, one I would actually recommend (and I hate teenage protagonists), given your interest in Africa/African literature, is GraceLand by Chris Abani.


    1. I liked the Bildungsromane I wrote about in my book, and Irlanda was probably the best. But I don’t feel like discovering any new ones. I’m glad you liked it, though!


  2. I’m finding myself uninterested in this genre of books too. I feel like they are far less interesting to me than older characters. When I was young, I imagined that adults had it all figured out and that they were no longer tempted toward vice and destruction. But Montaigne writes that the older one becomes, the less strongly one can resist temptation, vice, and bad behavior. My observation of the world proves (to me, anyway) that Montaigne was right. I’m more interested in reading about characters like that than the younger protagonists who feel so put out by “adulting”** or having to grow up.

    ** I hate the word “adulting.” It’s an absolute signifier of immaturity and whininess.


    1. God, I saw a whole section titled “Do you adult?” at the local bookstore. I was nauseated. I can’t believe I would have been attracted to it in my twenties.


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