Once Again I Renounce News

Turned on Morning Joe and caught a story about somebody who died and who’d been “deeply respected and admired for years.” Stopped to see who this paragon was, discovered it was Roger Ailes, spit on the screen, and renounced news yet again. 


6 thoughts on “Once Again I Renounce News”

      1. I don’t actually watch morning shows. I don’t actually watch a lot of news either. I find they blabber endlessly until they can actually report something. My local paper is excellent for local news. I get headlines from scanning the headlines at Google News and I glance at the trending topics for twitter. If for some reason you can’t look at a screen in the morning, maybe a podcast would be good to play as you’re doing something else?

        My mother DVRs a ton of shows and plays them when she has time: the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (he usually has a topical opening entry) and the Daily Show, The View (they do discuss general news several times a week and they’re no less inane than many talking heads to be honest). My father DVRs Scott Pelley, and the sunday morning talk shows (why?).


        1. I read my newsfeed on Feedly first thing in the morning but it’s very tendentious because these are the sources I picked, and one tends to pick things that one is predisposed to like. So TV news are supposed to offer a counterbalance. But Morning Joe has become too irritating to serve any useful purpose. Today’s celebration of Ailes, who is a freak of massive proportions, just about did me in. Should I try out the BBC or something?


          1. I don’t know what plays on BBC America in the morning, but their evening news tends to be less ridiculous and broader based than the networks. That tends to be straight news.


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