Better Never Than Late

Back in 2012, Russian dissidents were triumphantly sending out a photo that disproved the famous narrative of “It doesn’t mean anything that Putin worked for the KGB. He never persecuted anybody, he was just a spy.” In the photo, Putin was conducting an arrest (accompanied by a beating) of an anti-Soviet intellectual. 

And it was so gosh darn frustrating. Because it was like, now you’ve discovered he is a villain? It’s 20-fucking-12! 

Cue 10 years from now when a bunch of folks will start eagerly informing us that guess what? Trump wasn’t really perfect, after all. 


2 thoughts on “Better Never Than Late”

    1. Thank you , a great link. It’s all true. Ukraine’s economy is really improving, in spite of the war. But corruption remains. And it’s the greatest, toughest challenge for the country.


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