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Low Margin

Voters are both having buyer’s remorse about the outcome of the 2016 election and wishing they could return to the good old days of 4 months ago. By an 8 point margin, 49/41, they say they wish Hillary Clinton was President instead of Trump.

I’m not sure what there is to celebrate about this. An 8-point margin, after everything, is ridiculously low. Everything, and I mean everything, is going in the direction of a second term for Trump.


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7 thoughts on “Low Margin

  1. Shakti on said:

    Who are these numbskulls? And what is the “anyone else but Trump” stat?

    I suspect Ryan is licking his chops! He could be POTUS…


    • God, not Ryan. I think he’s a sociopath. I really do. Pence is bad, too, he’s a religious fanatic but Ryan is scary.


      • Stringer Bell on said:

        And John McCain the Principled Maverick will furrow his brows extra hard this week, call this situation extra special Case For Concern ™, and then go on to toe the line and vote for every single insane policy the trump administration trots out.

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      • Shakti on said:

        I remember doing the math a long time ago. Statistically, at the low end, we have at least one current senator, and maybe four house members are sociopathic.
        At the high end, about 17 current house members, 4 current senators and between one and two Presidents ever. I assumed they were no more sociopathic than the general population.

        It’s a tunnel of badness if you look at the succession line.

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        • I have to say, Paul Ryan truly stands out even from the cohort of regular, run-of-the-mill sociopath. The guy is certifiable. I find him more scary than Trump because he is laser-focused on doing harm. Trump is distracted from that by trying to enrich himself.

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          • Shakti on said:

            “I passed repeal Obamacare for the 60th time out of the House, I’m going to celebrate with shitty beer! I’ve dreamed of cutting Medicaid since college! To psych myself up I played the theme from Rocky!”- Paul Ryan.


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