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As promised, here is the part of the acknowledgments section of my book that has to do with you, guys:

It’s a little pompous but believe me, not nearly as much so as these things usually are.


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6 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. el on said:

    I really want to read it. When will it be published and may be ordered?

    Just to be sure, does your book have any connection to analyzing Richard Russo’s novels? You said “Russo isn’t noticing the crisis,” but also said that Empire Falls’ residents are miserable because of “incapacity to inscribe themselves into a rapidly changing reality of the globalized world.”


  2. Jonathan Mayhew on said:

    Not all of us are anonymous.


    • “Not all of us are anonymous.”

      Just the cool ones…. SNAP!


    • It’s true. I’ll cross out the word anonymous.


    • DWeird on said:

      Hm. Found out something about myself today – even though I do go by a nickname, I don’t consider that anonymous. I’ve kept the same internet handle for around fifteen years, it’s consistent across the sites I visit and I don’t really behave very differently from the way I do in my fleshy self.

      It’s not quite as much a part of me as my given name is, but it’s pretty close.


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