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Want to Make God Laugh?

You know how you make a detailed plan of your research for the summer, scheduling exactly what you need to do every day? And then God decides to make fun of you and sends you a ton of huge fresh assignments that destroy all your carefully laid-out plan?

Yeah. . .

The date I have to hand in my index has been moved to June 2. And now I have to do the proofs by that day, too. And I’m still confused by how to do the index.



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2 thoughts on “Want to Make God Laugh?

  1. Evelina Anville on said:

    I hired an indexer. She was amazing and did a much better job than I could have done myself. I found her name off this page–the professional society for indexers. She also was pretty reasonably priced and even negotiated a bit with me. Based on my experience, I highly recommend hiring someone here. 🙂


  2. I think you ought to be able to do that automatically in Word, no? (You are talking about a list of specific terms and where in the book they show up, correct?)


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