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Garbanzo Mushroom Stew

This is a great vegan recipe that I made with dried garbanzos soaked overnight and then stewed with some carrots, a lot of mushrooms, spinach, beet greens, and some rogan josh spice. I also added fresh ginger because I love it and add it to everything. Plus, I had a bit of left over crushed tomatoes from the borscht I made on Monday, so I threw them in, too. But it was such a small amount  that I can’t really taste them. And I used a cinnamon stick because I use them in all my stews. It truly transforms any stewed vegan dish. 

The best thing is that you can dump all the ingredients in the casserole and then just let it stew, so the time investment is minimal. 

The shoes are Camper, by the way. 


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8 thoughts on “Garbanzo Mushroom Stew

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    Please Fedex this to me right now!


  2. Looks delicious! Garbanzos are called chickpeas in the UK and gram in India.


  3. Jennifer S Stavrou on said:

    Why a cinnamon stick and not a little ground cinnamon? How big a stick? Do you reuse the stick? Every stew, even meat ones? I’m trying to break away from the usual flavors of my cooking.


    • Ground cinnamon will overpower the taste and make it taste like dessert. And a stick is a lot gentler. I usually snap the sticks they sell at the grocery store in two. You can’t reuse it because it will absorb the flavors of the dish and then add them to the next dish, creating a weird cacophony.


    • And yes, I’ve used it with all kinds of meats, and it worked great.


    • Seconding use of cinnamon with meat, and not restricted to stew. It goes particularly well with pork, methinks. For instance, sprinkle pork chops with salt, pepper, rosemary, and a bit of cinnamon – unusual and delish!

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  4. What kind of mushrooms did you use? This looks delicious! I have a kilo of garbanzo beans that I need to use some day; this is fantastic inspiration.


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